“Training students to share the gospel through music.”

Bro. and Mrs. Moore were elected as BMAA Missionaries to the Philippines in 1976.  Bro. Moore is the founder and Director of the BMA Bible Institude in Bacolod City. 

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Doug and Diane Lee teach Music at the BMA Bible Institute. 

Doug teaches: Theory 1,2,3 and 4 / Fundamentals of Music / Private Piano Lessons for advanced and graduating students / Keyboard Lab / Recitals.

Diane and Joanna Allen teach: Hymnology / Music Appreciation / Music History / Children’s Music / Vocal

Students will graduate with a BA Degree in Church Music and this degree is recognized by the Education Department of the Philippines.

There are now graduates that are scattered all over Asia.  They are teaching music along with conversational english and having Bible studies.